About White Poppy Press

WHITE POPPY PRESS, The Sensible Way to Self-Publish is a Modern Memoirs imprint. We launched it in 2010 because (a) there was a recession, and (b) advances in digital print technology brought us clients with excellent but modest standards. White Poppy Press allows us to help writers and artists self-publish efficiently, affordably, and attractively.


You might want to know the derivation of the name. Fact-checking the blood-red poppies of Flanders Fields (World War I), we came upon White Poppies for Peace, which resonated for us, our preference for peace with respect rather than never-ending cycles of violence and dehumanization?


By helping you with the final stages of your opus, by honoring your experiences and reflections, we feel we're contributing in a small way to you, to your family, and to healing the world.